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Intrinsic MasterClass (IMC)

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Intrinsic Sales Psychology

Rewiring the Brain

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Research from the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, 35% of the skills that are important in today’s workforce will have changed.

The top 10 competencies businesses will want include:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive flexibility


Are you equipped with these competencies?

How do you translate these competencies into something workable for you?


Can you answer these questions?

Have you had your business for more than two years?

Do you know the process from end to end?

Do you have the process documented?

Do you have sales goals?

Do you have strategies and tactics to acquire these sales goals?

Do you know about the Law of Attraction?

Do you know about the Conscious Mind (CM), Subconscious Mind (SCM) and Unconscious Mind (UCM)?

Do you know where they are located and how to re-program it?

Do you know anything about brain frequency?

Do you know which frequencies are requires to study, to work, to create and to manifest goals?

Do you know your brain frequency status?

Do you know how to change these frequencies within 69 seconds to harvest its advantages?

Do you know how the left and right brain functions?

Do you know that the brain is just a component part in the process of the Law of Attraction?

How about the heart?

Do you know where the centres of vital energy (chakra) are in the body? 

Do you know how many categories of chakra exist and its impact on the body?

Do you know that everything in this Universe is about Energy?

Do you know how you can handle this energy within the thought process?




“The mind is like decoration, you can redesign it. Let your life be your own creation”

Arabic Proverb


Thinking is a process.  It has 7 major processes and several sub-processes that can be used to re-program the Conscious Mind (CM), Sub-Conscious Mind (SCM) and Unconscious Mind (UCM). They are:


  1. Thought
  2. Feeling
  3. Desire
  4. Intention
  5. Action
  6. Belief
  7. Result


You’ve got this far and you’re thinking, “I’m already doing all those above and so I should get the results I desire.”

But why haven’t you gotten the results you desire as yet?

Do you know that the sub-conscious mind processes all thoughts and the Law of Attraction fulfils it?

Yes. All thoughts whether negative or positive!  This means that the Law of Attraction is at work giving you everything you desire, both good and bad.

Did you also know that not all positive words within the Law of Attraction will give you results?

So how do you go about practicing positive thinking and communication?

How do you go about short-circuiting everything, rewiring the brain and to filter as much of the negatives out of your life?


Here is a solution you can implement quickly and easily to do so in 7 minutes...







This programme is based on 27 years of research on proven ancient sciences with strategies and techniques you can apply instantly. You will not find this anywhere else!


It’s the world’s first practical brain training to enhance cognitive development.  This is a program that guides you to take responsibility for your future by the goals you set and choices you make. You will know how daily external actions affect the brain internally that impacts your personal productivity. 


The practice of T7SR techniques will provide extraordinary cognitive enhancement that boosts creative abilities, resets the mind to its natural positive state, increases your focus and concentration, improves your productivity and provide you with a sixth sense on how you can build a successful business.


The program is conducted using science-backed research, fun games and practice of T7SR techniques to embed the learning. Once you master these processes, everything you desire for yourself is within reach. You will gain the know-how and confidence to take the next big step toward your success!


The 7 major benefits you will gain are:

  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Resets the mind to new and higher goals
  • Improved focus & concentration
  • Unleashed natural creativity
  • Improved recall ability
  • Stabilised left & right brain and
  • Acquire Alpha thinking patterns (calm but alert thinking)


The T7SR toolkit can be integrated with almost all soft skill flows such as Sales Psychology, Customer Support, Stress Management, Personal Mastery, Peak Performance and Leadership to name a few.



Directors • CEOs • Entrepreneurs • Business Owners • Speakers • Trainers • Teachers • Real Estate Professionals • Managers • Coaches • Consultants • Research Experts • Innovator • Sales & Marketing Professionals and Home Based Business Owners


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“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”



The Life Cycle of Manifestation

  1. Our perception creates feelings & beliefs
  2. Our feelings & beliefs creates behaviour
  3. Our behaviour creates experience
  4. Our experience becomes our reality
  5. Our reality reinforces our perceptions
  6. What we perceive and how we feel
  7. A cycle support it self


You will discover your subconscious pattern of thinking that creates your limiting beliefs.


You will discover the process to transform from your current level of thinking and beliefs to a higher, extraordinary level.


You will replace the negative subconscious programming with positive programmes to manifest your desired goals.


“The mind is the root from all things grow, if you can understand the mind, everything else is included”





New beliefs will create new actions. Your willingness to accept new beliefs consistently will reprogram your subconscious mind and enable the manifestation of your desires effortlessly. Some of the secrets you will learn during this programme:


  • The 7 Secrets Rhythm for millionaire mind set
  • Guidance on latest social media ADS techniques, the Mobile App
  • Optional tool You can send your promotion to three million leads (3,000,000 new prospect) per month
  • Professional advice and best vendor to do your logo designing, flyer, proposal and the full set of invoicing documentation for printing purpose
  • Best web, blogs and social media setup methods
  • How to create own ADS of video script, storyboard, record it and publish world’s largest channel youtube.com and several equal website
  • 7 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that is required for business
  • 7 Documents to control your business
  • 7 Hidden Secrets of Sales Psychology
  • 7 Secrets of communication methods
  • 7 Conscious Types for great CEOs
  • 7 NLP Tips for Entrepreneurs
  • 7 Stress & Tension Clearance Tips
  • 7 Economically proven sales calls
  • 7 Methods of sitting in sales meetings and standing when making calls
  • 7 Secrets to Healthier lifestyle of Entrepreneurs
  • 7 Ways to recover from bankruptcy and/or blacklist
  • 7 Ways to operate business & bank account during bankruptcy periods
  • How to differentiate between passion, skills, potential revenue, profit margin and cash flow
  • How to brand new business activities to raise CAPITAL for your main business
  • How to do fast & accurate business development with eye-blinking speed
  • How THOUGHTS become SEED and SEED becomes FAITH in business
  • How to unlock your 6th Sense as Entrepreneurs


You will have a powerful (and deceptively simple) strategic blueprint that lets you map out a proven solution for your business. This process is proven to create fortune, fulfilment, and freedom. And it’s fun.


We’re a tight group, working together, so there aren’t many seats.  So before our room fills up, make plans to be here. It’s where to come if you’re ready to give yourself a set of keys that unlocks true growth for your company and much, much more.


Ready to join us for a workshop that will change everything?




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If you're simply looking for a "get rich quick scheme" THEN RETHINK before attend this workshop.


Disclaimer: All the success that can be achieved by using the techniques taught in this program will depend on the time and effort you place into the system that is being shown. It will also be reliant on how you speak, market and other outside factors that are beyond the control of the holder of this event. We therefore cannot guarantee that you will become successful as the holder of this event. The training will be holding NOTHING back and you’ll be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.


Who Is ELANggovan?

Psychologist & Consciousness Expert

Registered TCM Practitioner with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Creator of The 7 Secrets Rhythm® Intrinsic Brain Training

Creator of VGENIUST for Academia


ELAN is a trainer in Human Psychology and Human Resource using The 7 Secrets Rhythm® with knowledge of Mind, Body and Spirit cultivated from Eastern philosophy and medicine. His programme dives deep into brain training for individuals and teams to unleash their potential for success in life and work. He has been helping people achieve their dreams and financial goals for over 27 years. Elan teaches the super simple process of creating good health, wealth and happiness in this 2-Day interactive workshop.


This 2-Day interactive workshop comes with 18 months of coaching to help you tune your business and activities to generate raving clients that will become your ambassadors for your business.


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